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Electromagnetic pumps  


dosing - material - low maintenance

Precision and economy are now crucial criteria for business success - electromagnetic pump make this a significant contribution, Electromagnetic pumps are manufactured in an open design (FLUCTOSTAT) and encapsulated design (DYNOFLUX).

in foundry technology:

- As a submersible pump to the oxide-free and low-turbulence removal of the melt below the surface of molten metal

- During circulation of enamel baths and pump out of metals,

- For the low-pressure and filling of casting machines with fast cycle time,

- In the chemical process, for example Transport of alkali metals,

- For applications where larger amounts of heat are transported by means of alkali metals, without which may occur in the heat transfer local overheating,

- As Fluctostat pumps for pumping:

- Mercury, magnesium and sodium

in nuclear technology:

- As Fluctostat pumps

- To pump coolant, such as for example Sodium.

We currently build pumps to 1300m ³ / h. Pumps up to 700m ³ / h are in use for many years at several research centers.

High thermal shock resistance and thus low-maintenance plant operation is guaranteed by our electromagnetic pumps:

They work with no moving parts, which can be executed when in use, the transport system for the liquid metals hermetically sealed - a sound basis for economic use of the material.

With our magnetohydraulic after Transducer pumps are working through an external transformer field induces eddy currents in the liquid metal, designed in conjunction with the external magnetic field, a pressure buildup.

This allows precise metering of the material to be transported.

Our offer in detail, in particular, we offer you:

- Electromagnetic pump for pumping Na, NaK, Pb, Mg and Sn with austenitic and Pumpchannel

- Electromagnetic pump for pumping of Al and Zn with ceramic Pumpchannal